About Us

Daniel Inglis
Head Trainer

Daniel Inglis has been a part of the breeding, selecting, training, and maintenance of police service dogs and personal protection dogs together with his family since he was born in 1988. His deep roots in the dog world started with his father, a retired Lieutenant and Police Dog trainer, and his mother an international schutzhund competitor. Daniel was recognized in the US as being one of the youngest competitors in the sport of Schutzhund, achieving his first title at the age of 11. 

        Today, Daniel specializes in teaching urban tracking, and also trains multipurpose K9s in obedience, patrol, and narcotic, bomb, and gun detection. In addition to training over 40 K9s together with their handlers on a weekly basis, Daniel puts on monthly classes, personally raises labs for detection work, and travels to Europe to hand select incoming K9s for agencies across the nation.